Gifting Ideas for Family Living in Another Country

Gifts are a timeless remedy for lifting up someone’s mood and bringing a smile to their face. Be it a three-year-old child or an old grandmother everyone loves to receive gifts. They are a great way to express your love and care towards someone and help build bonds between the giver and the receiver.

There are vast options of gifts to send to your loved ones which can make selecting the best gift a difficult task. To make things easy for you we have selected seven useful gifts you can look into if you’re planning on buying gifts for your family living in another country. Let’s begin!

1.      Scratch off World Travel Map

This is a perfect gift for the travel lovers in your family. This scratch-off world travel map allows the user to mark off the countries they have visited. And brightly colored countries reveal themselves once they are scratched off. This has been a popular gift for many years for children, teenagers, and adults. The map comes in many different varieties. Some are the size of a desk, and some are as small as a letter. Some are dull while others are funky and colorful. Some also come with additional accessories such as stickers and flags.

2.      Universal Phone Camera Lenses

In today’s time, everyone has a phone, and they use it to capture the beautiful moments that they experience every day. Smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung have introduced cameras that have qualities similar to DSLRs. These Universal Phone Camera Lenses are a perfect gift for photography lovers. They can easily be clipped onto your phone and provide a platform for your creativity to blossom. They include fisheye lenses, macro lens, wide angle lens and many more! They are a packet of fun.

3.      Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Who doesn’t sometimes want to relax, listen to their favorite music and escape from the noise of their surroundings. Well, Sony wireless noise-canceling headphones can make that possible. They are totally worth spending money on. These headphones are foldable which makes them portable and easy to store. Everyone loves receiving a new pair of high-quality headphones.

4.      Amazon Kindle Reader

The Amazon Kindle reader is a great gift for the bookworms in your family. It is like a virtual library full of your favorite books and novels. The Amazon kindle reader is the cheapest in the market but if you want to buy something a little more expensive for your loved ones you can look into the kindle paper white which allows its users to read in the dark easily.

5.      Loads of money

Sending money is sometimes the best gift especially when you can’t decide what the other person will like. It allows the person to spend the money wherever they like. You can send money online to your loved ones abroad via Ria money Transfer which is both an authentic and efficient medium.

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6.      Power Bank

A power bank is one of the most useful gifts to give. It comes in handy in a different situation when you don’t have access to a power outlet. Now days nearly all our activities are some way or another connected to mobile phones. This immense use of smart phones results in the battery draining very fast. In times of desperate need with no power outlet nearby a power bank can become a hero and save the day. There is a wide variety of power banks to choose from available in the market.


Receiving something you’ve been wishing for many days as a gift is the best feeling in the world which is why everyone should give useful gifs according to the likes of a person. Make your family members feel your presence with love and care in the form of gifts while you’re abroad.

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