A Few Ways You Can Celebrate Back To School in the Philippines Even While Abroad

It’s that time of year again! Back to school season in the Philippines is a time when Filipinos create memories as a family: parents purchase school supplies, uniforms, and stationary, accompany their kids to school on the first day, and help them prepare for their first exam.  

But, what does this time look like for the many Filipinos working abroad who are trying to give a good life to their loved ones back home? Being away from home during an important time for your kids might feel lonely and frustrating. We’ve pulled together a few ways that may help you feel a little closer to home.  

Bring a smile to your child’s face with a thoughtful gift 

You probably can recall what it felt like to open a gift as a child— the excitement of trying to guess what is in the box, the satisfaction of pulling off the gift wrap. Thoughtful gifts can help to make your presence felt when you are not able to be with your family in person. It lets your child know you are thinking about them. Personalized jewelry, their favorite sweet treat, games, coloring books, or children books are just some ideas. 

Don’t underestimate asking about the details of their day  

Modern technology like FaceTime and text messaging has done wonders to help people feel closer. Maybe you couldn’t attend your child’s music concert or school event, but you can still be there to hear all about it. Children often take pride in life’s little successes and are eager to share with their family members. Showing interest in the details of their day and a few words of encouragement can go a long way. 

Remember, money can mean more than just finances  

Money can give more than just financial help. It can help alleviate stress on a sick family member by helping to pay the medical bill. It can help your child experience the fun of spending time with their classmates on a school trip. It can bring joy to your child by helping them purchase the birthday gift they’ve been hoping for.  

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Teach your children the value of hard earned money 

One of the most valuable things you can pass on to your children is learning the importance of saving and budgeting money. Clear jars can be more effective than piggy banks because they allow the child to visibly see the money they put in grow. Good financial habits will undoubtedly help your children in life, and perhaps even allow them to stay closer to their future children.  

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