Best Festivals in the UK

With sending money overseas when vacationing or travelling no longer being a worry thanks to RIA, visitors and locals alike can focus entirely on enjoying all that the UK has to offer. One of the biggest attractions of the country is the various, vibrant, unique, and dynamic festivals that it has to offer.

UK has something for everyone; from music lovers to those who enjoy a peaceful day observing beautiful art, festivals in the UK cater to all types of people and make sure that anyone visiting has an unforgettable and phenomenal experience. Here are a few festivals in the UK that stand out of the rest; all of them will provide phenomenal experiences and are unique and specific to the UK:

Latitude, Suffolk

Latitude has perhaps the best line-up of theatre, literature, film, and comedy that the UK has to offer. It provides an unmatchable presentation of the cultural richness of the beautiful country and provides its visitors with arguably the best experience they can have in the country.

Unlike any other festival in the UK, Latitude is focused on providing its visitors with experiences that are unparalleled and the festival includes camping, ballet, and many other activities in an unforgettable weekend experience.

Curious Arts Festival, Hampshire

Hampshire is known for its unique art and literature cultural heritage, and the Curious Arts Festival encapsulates all those different cultures into a jam-packed, three-day festival that is guaranteed to blow your mind. With contemporary writers, critics, and acclaimed movies complemented by tours, guides by expert historians, magic shows, and even donkey rides, the Curious Arts Festival is perhaps the most dynamic and unique festival experience that the world has to offer.

Based in the Pylewell Park, the festive experience makes sure that you not only enjoy the rich and thriving culture of Hampshire and the UK, but that you also have a relaxing and cathartic experience while doing so.

Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest

As absurd as it sounds, the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest is also a festival that is unique to the UK and is a representation of the idiosyncratic yet entirely novel and enjoyable environment that the UK hosts.

With archery lessons, a gargantuan tree that is about 800 years old, caps, bows, arrows, garlands, dresses, and props, the Robin Hood Festival is ideal for a family that is visiting the UK. It is not far from a dream that has come true for children who are fans of Robin Hood, and the entire festival is laced with live representations of the iconic movie.

Fowey and Polruan Regattas

Regattas are also a unique cultural experience that one can perhaps only experience in its purity and entirety in the UK. The regattas are long festivals that are designed only for people who can truly appreciate the art of rowing, but also presents a mesmerizing experience for people who enjoy serene, cultural, and luxurious experiences.

Watch professional rowers row their boats through the picture-perfect rivers and lakes of Fowey and Polruan while sipping on a cup of tea to fully absorb the cultural richness of the UK.

The ball is in your court!

There are many different ways that you can enjoy the UK. Its festivals are unique and dynamic, attractive for all kinds of people with all kinds of interests and needs. While you can always find the typical music and dance festivals that the UK has to offer, you can find those anywhere in the world. What is perhaps more enjoyable and unique to the country are its novel cultural festivals, all of which provide unforgettable experiences.

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