International Day of Families – Family that travels together Stays Together

International day of families is a day marked just for families, to highlight their importance in a global community and the problems related to them. This day is celebrated every year on the 15thof May.

A family is an essential unit in human society. But in today’s advanced world, everyone is busy in their own lives that they do not have time to spend with their loved ones. So travel and family vacations are a way to bring the loved ones together as the family that travels along stays together.

Here’s how travel helps families to come together and bond with each other.

Travel Strengthens the Bond

Traveling opens up various opportunities for interaction and communication. Thus allowing trust, respect, and friendship to strengthen the bond between the members of the family.

During travel, everyone gets to spend more time with each other as compared to back home. This time allows you to show and remind your family members of how much you love them.

Travel Teaches New Things

Traveling in new and foreign places enhances our vision, and enriches our knowledge. Moreover, it’s an occasion for developing new experiences by the interaction with the new environment and the family.

We mature as a result of traveling to new places. We develop mutual values, and the family gains new insights into what the world is offering and telling.

Travel Increases the Time Spent with Each Other

Even if the whole family is in the same room thinking that they are spending time with each other, but usually everyone would have something or the other on their mind which keeps them distracted. However, this is not the case on vacations.

During travel, everyone can easily spend time with each other, as no one is distracted and everyone is present-minded. Family members get the time to catch up with each other and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Travel Is a Turning Point

Traveling marks a crucial stage of life. It is an unforgettable journey filled with all the memories made and new things learned, which are always vibrant in our minds. Spending time with the family becomes more meaningful.

As a family, traveling can be a turning point if essential occasions are celebrated on vacations. They will provide more meaning and will be more memorable as compared to the usual celebration at home.

Travel Makes Lasting Memories

Engaging in activities that involve the whole family is a way to make lasting memories. The families can take on challenges and competitions among themselves, or play as an entire family to improve their relationship. 

Moreover, whatever the family does together contributes towards memories that never fade out. The bond that they share on the journey remains intact even when they get back.


Traveling is all about spending time with the people who make your life on this earth worthwhile. The people who are always there for you and back you up no matter what. Moreover, all the other benefits just come along with it.

So this international family’s day, take your family out and spend some quality time with them. If you are living in a different country from them, you can send your family money through Ria Money Transfer for family outings, or tickets for a family vacation.

As the family that travels together, stays together.

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