Mother’s Day Ideas for those Thousands of Miles Away from Mum

The best possible gift you can give to someone is your time. When you’re working abroad, spending quality in-person time with your mum on mother’s day isn’t possible. Here are some sweet gift ideas to tell your mother that that you always remember, love and care for her.


Looking for practical gift ideas that surprise and delight? Give your mother a taste of luxury by getting her a fancy version of something she likes and uses regularly. Edible delights are sure winners. Easy options include aromatic tea blends, artisan honey, exotic coffee, cocoa, drinking chocolate, an assortment of dark/light chocolates, rare herbs or spices, craft cheeses and other culinary treats. If your mum partakes, you may consider gifting her a bottle or two of an exotic wine, liqueur or aperitif. Other exotic yet surprisingly usable treats are lip balms, limited edition soaps, bath salts, decorative candles and the like.


Some of the most cost-effective and appreciated gifts are personalized ones. One way to create lasting memories is to make a DIY photo memory journal as a mother’s day gift. However, regardless of good intentions we aren’t always able to find time to make DIY gifts. With minimal effort you can find online retailers offering an assortment of gift articles which they can personalize and ship. There is an endless list of items you can pick from, including but not limited to wall clocks, embossed leather key chains, coasters, planners, calendars, coffee mugs, tableware, dinnerware, oak or marble chopping boards, tea towels, reusable shopping totes, tablecloths, aprons and cushion covers. With each article you can choose the size, color and personalized before you order it to be gift wrapped and shipped to your mum.

Mothers are often busy persons who don’t always mange to find time for themselves and their hobbies. One great personalized mother’s day gift idea is a hobby kit. Based on what your mum enjoys, you can send her a neatly organized kit which would encourage her to take-up or resume her favorite hobby, such as embroidery, knitting, crotchet, creative art and so on. If your mum likes gardening, consider gifting an assortment of seeds and herbs, or planters for a home garden.


Being a mother can be a demanding job. Encourage your mum to take a well-deserved break and be cared for, by gifting her a day pass to a spa, an all expenses paid trip to a beach resort or something in a similar vein. Another variation on this idea is to gift a useful new appliance which would make her life easier, or to replace an aging one. If it seems like the old oven-toaster and dishwasher are about to kick the bucket, mothers day is the perfect excuse to replace them.


Gift your mum the newest book by her favorite author, or a magazine subscription to get her to take interest in something you’d like her to. Alternatively give her gift cards or vouchers for online shopping where she can conveniently shop for books or e-books of her own choice. You may also consider sponsoring an online or offline course for something she’d like to take-up, such as yoga, organic baking or indoor gardening.

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