Raising Your Kids as an Immigrant in the UK

The United Kingdom has always attracted immigrants due to its diverse economy and immigrant policies. As a result, the UK has a culturally diverse population. Once you immigrate to the UK, you may face many challenges. These may range from language issue, cultural differences to weather conditions, housing, and problems with the kids. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that parents may face when moving to the UK.

Third Culture Kids

The first thing that you need to know about is that you will be raising third culture kids in the UK. TCK is a person who is raised in a culture that is different from their parents during their early years. A time at which they have not fully developed their identity and thus are exposed to various cultural influences. So, you need to search up information to know more about TCKs, as only then will you be able to understand your children and raise them better. The many benefits associated with TCKs are that they are more proficient lingually, get on well with people of other cultures, and can adjust more easily.

Culture Shock

It is quite common to experience culture shock when moving into a foreign environment. It will be a new setting where your child might feel out of place and no longer in control as he/she was back home. So prepare your kids ahead of time, make sure that they know where they are moving to, how their life be different there, and what challenges they might face. They might experience irritation, feelings of isolation, and longing for back home. You can keep them engaged with activities, spend time with your cultural communities, bring a little back home to the UK.

Moreover, you can involve your children in sending money back home to buy presents for their friends and family that they miss. In this way, they will stay engaged and adjust more quickly.


If you are a parent planning to move to the UK, then the prospect of schooling of your children will be a top priority for you. You will find that there are various options for schooling in the UK. The main options for schools in the UK are state schools, private schools, and international schools.

If you are living in the UK, your children are eligible for state schools that are run by the government and are free of cost. While the private and independent schools have very high fees, so you will need to have a budget or get it in the employment package in order to get your children to go to these high standard schools.

Health Care

Health care in the UK is free of cost. The facilities provided in the hospitals are good with experienced and highly trained staff and doctors to assist you.


It is not necessary for you to own a car. You can move around easily with the high standard public transport system. This is another good aspect of the UK, along with excellent infrastructure. So if you are going to be moving to one of the major cities in the UK, then you can make use of this facility.

Access to new life

While you will be living in the UK with your children, you can engage in the local customs and their way of life. You can participate in the various activities and events near you, and take your kids on holidays. This way, your children will be able to make happy lasting memories.

Document the memories and experiences so that if you move back home or somewhere else, your kids will have something to remember from the time in the UK. This will shape their identity later on. You can also allow your children to send money to their home country via a money transfer operator like Ria Money Transfer service for their friends and cousins as a gift so that they can nurture strong relationships with people back at home.

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