What You Need to Know Before Moving and Working in the UK as an Expat

The United Kingdom has a lot to offer to foreigners from all over the world especially employment opportunities. London, its capital city, is one of the global cities in the world. The UK has beautiful landscapes and offers an inter-cultural experience to its residents. It has the honor of being ranked 16th on the OECD quality of life index with exceptionally high numbers in job opportunities, health services, environment quality, and community.

These reasons make the UK a popular and attractive destination for expats. Expats moving to the UK for different reasons. Are you an expat who is considering moving to the UK? If yes, then this guide is perfect for you as it covers all the important points you should keep in the know before moving and working in the UK. 

Implications of Brexit

According to the result of The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, more than 51.9% of residents voted for Britain to leave the European Union. This will be put into effect from March 2019. When this is put into effect, and the UK exits the EU, freedom of movement will be limited and stopped. Along with many other benefits. However, it is important to note that nothing is confirmed at this stage as negotiations and talks are still taking place.

Moving your items to the UK

If you are a citizen of EU or any other Europeneon Union/EFTA country and planning to move to the UK, there will be no need of paying customs duty on your items and belongings. But if you live outside the EU and are planning to move to the UK, you might receive a tax exemption on some charges. For this, you will need to fill a transfer of residence (ToR1) form. 

The total cost of moving your belongings to the UK will depend on the transport medium you choose such as a shipping company, a relocation company or by air. Moving your belongings by shipping is slow but more cost-effective and affordable. If you go with shipping, a 40 ft container will be perfect to fit your car and items in a one-bedroom house.

Immigration and registration after your arrival

Before moving to the UK, you should check if you need a UK visa or permit. If you are a resident of the EU, there is no need for you to get a visa and you can live in the UK if you are employed, own a business or are searching for a job. If you live in a non-EU country, you can look into the different UK visa options available and apply for the one that best fits your needs. 

Working in the UK

The UK offers expats and foreigners many job opportunities and is one of the largest economies in Europe. In big cities, there is a lot of job opportunities but also a lot of competition. There is a strict criterion and demand. In order to find work or a job in the UK, it is recommended that you start searching for a job while in your home country so that you can get a work permit made. People who are from outside the EU and wish to move to the UK and work there have to apply for a UK work permit at all costs. Monster, LinkedIn are two of the many websites that help expats find jobs. Make sure your CV is compatible with the standard CV in the UK.


Moving to the UK is a serious decision and should be thought over several times. Following the 2016 Brexit vote, immigration controls are likely to get strict. Which means it will become harder for expats to move to the UK. We hope the above-mentioned points will guide you in your journey to the UK.

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